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Hundreds of thousands of soldiers of different nationalities lost their lives on the Isonzo Front during the First World War. The database “REGISTER OF THE KILLED SOLDIERS” contains the information about Austro-Hungarian and German soldiers who were killed on the Isonzo Front, in the section between Mt. Rombon and the Kalsko-Lomska planota plateau, and the information about Italian soldiers who are buried in the charnel house at Kobarid. Many of them are anonymous too. In the following years we plan to extend and complement the database for the entire Isonzo Front.

An individual soldier can be searched for in the database by his name and surname. For more information about individual soldiers please contact e-mail: Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Če ga želite videti, omogočite Javascript.  The Register of the Killed Soldiers was made in collaboration with the Tolmin Museum. The most substantial information about the soldiers fallen in the Upper Soča Region can be found in the books Tolminsko mostišče I and II (The Tolmin Bridghead I and II) (2005) and Od Krna do Rombona 1915–1917 (From Mt. Krn to Mt. Rombon 1915–1917) (2008).

Database “Register of the Killed Soldiers”


Fundacija Poti miru - Poti miru v Posocju
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