Fundacija Poti miru - Poti miru v Posocju
Ustanova "Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju"
Gregorčičeva 8, 5222 Kobarid, Slovenija
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Outdoor museum Kolovrat

The Italian third line of defence

On the right bank of the Soča, between Kobarid and Tolmin, there rises a steep slope of the Kolovrat ridge from which a splendid view opens over the onetime Isonzo Front battlefield, stretching from Mt. Kanin, the Krn range to Mt. Sveta Gora; the view on the other side stretches over the Veneto region and Friuli lowland all to the Adriatic. During the First World War the Italian Army built on the Kolovrat range an extensive system of the third line of defence, called “linea d’armata”, a part of which is now arranged as the outdoor museum. It presents commanders and observation posts, machine-gun and gun positions, caves and networks of trenches. A visit to these positions is of special interest thanks to various details, such as spiral stairs in one of the caves, and also due to partly original materials which were used in the wartime. The outdoor museum Kolovrat is a trans-border museum which continues on the Italian side, too.

On the road from Kobarid towards Tolmin, in the settlement Idrsko, turn towards the village Livek (5 km), then turn left towards Livške Ravne (4 km). Continue for the next 3 km along the ridge of Kolovrat to the smaller parking site. Located at the information board is the entry to the outdoor museum. Access is possible also from the village Volče or from the Italian side.

Altitude above sea level
Start: parking site 1065 m
Museum: the highest point 1115 m
Tour duration: 1–2 hours
Difficulty: Undemanding
GPS: 46.185862, 13.660276

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Fundacija Poti miru - Poti miru v Posocju
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