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Outdoor museum Mrzli vrh

Austro-Hungarian and Italian first lines of defence

Above the valley of the Soča, on its left bank near Tolmin, the steep slope of Mt. Mrzli vrh (1359 m) rises. In the First World War, it figured as one of the key points in the Austro-Hungarian defence of the Tolmin bridgehead.
The ridge of Mt. Mrzli vrh is densely crisscrossed by numerous trenches and caves of the two belligerent sides. Just below the top of the mountain, in its north-eastern slope, the Austro-Hungarian Army hollowed roomy caves. In one of them a concrete altar was erected by the Hungarian soldiers in 1917.
The remains of the Austro-Hungarian and Italian first lines of defence on Mt. Mrzli vrh are connected with a circular path which runs past two still active alps, Pretovč and Lapoč.
A beautiful view opens from Mt. Mrzli vrh over the onetime battlefield of the Isonzo Front.
Just below the top of Mt. Mrzli vrh there is a restored monument on the onetime Austro-Hungarian military cemetery.
It is possible to reach the outdoor museum Mrzli vrh from several directions. The easiest access runs from the village Krn, but you can also start from the village Zatolmin. The path from the village Krn gradually ascends to the alp Pretovč (1.5 hrs walk). At the alp, the arranged circular path through the outdoor museum starts.
Altitude above sea level
Start:  the village Krn 870 m
          Zatolmin 258 m
          the alp Pretovč 1142 m
Museum: the highest point 1359 m

Tour duration
from the village Krn: 5–6 hours;
from the village Zatolmin: 6–7 hours

Difficulty: Demanding
GPS: 46.221590, 13.692664

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Fundacija Poti miru - Poti miru v Posocju
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