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Loče – World War I Military Cemetery

The Austro-Hungarian cemetery was arranged in 1916 for the soldiers fallen in the fights in the area between Mt. Vodel and Mt. Krn. German and Italian soldiers were also among them but they were exhumed and transferred in the year 1938 to the German charnel house near Tolmin, and the Italian charnel house at Oslavia respectively. The graves are marked either with a plain concrete stone, a tombstone or an iron cross. In the centre of the cemetery there is a monument in the form of a pyramid. It is dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the 30th Infantry Regiment of the Imperial-and-Royal Army (KuK IR n.30). About 3300 killed soldiers rest in the cemetery.

Altitude above sea level: 180 m
GPS: 46.191409, 13.735732

Fundacija Poti miru - Poti miru v Posocju
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