Fundacija Poti miru - Poti miru v Posocju
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Church of the Holy Spirit on Javorca plateau

The memorial church of the Holy Spirit stands in an exceptional natural environment of the Julian Alps, above the alp Polog. The construction of the church was closely connected with the events on the Isonzo Front. Namely, from 1 March until 1 November 1916, the soldiers of the 3rd Austro-Hungarian Mountain Brigade were building it with their own hands and with the support of donations in memory of their dead comrades. It was erected on the location which was approximately equally distant from the most important fighting positions of the brigade on Mt. Vodil vrh, Mt. Mrzli vrh, the ridge Sleme and Mt. Rdeči rob. The idea of the memorial church is best presented in the oak boards, made of ammunition cases, which open like the pages of a book along the walls of the church. The soldiers burnt in the names of 2565 killed comrades who had lost their lives in the surrounding mountains into this “book of the dead”. Most of these soldiers are buried in the military cemetery at Loče near Tolmin.
Today, it is not only a unique artistic jewel, but it has also preserved the symbolic mission of peace. It reminds visitors of the horrors of the war and at the same time it also calls for reconciliation and for inner and everlasting peace. In the year 2007 the church received the European Heritage Label.

Altitude above sea level: 571 m
GPS: 46.2352, 13.7197

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Fundacija Poti miru - Poti miru v Posocju
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